Ingresos as a Software Company

Ingresos offers integrated software solutions to its clients discerning integrity and sustainability. We are one of the best software development companies in Hyderabad with an excellent team of skilled engineers who are professional in understand your requirements and come up with optimum solutions. Profoundly versatile in various domains like Web development, Mobile Apps development, Custom software development, ERP solutions, E-commerce builder, and HR services provider etc. Ingresos wears many hats to add leverage to your company or business.

Our efforts align with your plans and bring you long-term results. Our versatility adds value to your potential which makes you achieve your goals in a cost-effective manner. With our vast experience, we are adept at building any kind of custom software or android app to serve your purpose. Being extremely professional and vividly creative we deliver you best quality products through the unique combination of both.

We are not bounded by boundaries as we work across borders and ready to expand horizons. With continuous upgrading in technology and robust knowledge transfer programs, we are always ready with market changes to face new challenges. Our efficient workflow will ensure all requirements are fulfilled because of our extensive testing and quality assurance programs.

Ingresos as an Angel Investing

Ingresos is an angel investment company. We are entrepreneurs ourselves who want to invest in people who have a clear idea they believe strongly which solves a specific problem. At Ingresos we enjoy working with aspiring startups which have a clear vision and realistic evaluation of their ideas. We work with companies at their budding stage and assist them in growing towards its potential.

We fund in the companies where people have a sense of responsibility, have a streamlined business plan, a thorough market research. Many aspiring entrepreneurs might not have an idea about angel investments that play an important role in the business creation process. Many popular names, like Ola, Paytm, and WhatsApp were financed in their earliest stages by angel investors.

Ingresos also supports Research & Development of highly potential researches happening that can lead to fruitful inventions or discoveries. We take part in the scientific processes that will solve any strong problem of mankind.

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