Research and development is vital element in current business world to upgrade, modify the existing products and processes to give rise to new and fresh innovations. Many bigger companies have dedicated R&D teams to constantly work on improving the existing product standards and finding new ways of solving a problem or solve a new problem. The goods and services of Pharmacy, Technology, IT etc are well known for using R&D to expand their markets.

R&D is a costlier endeavor for startups which struggle for basic investment. So we take up the job of assigning experienced and specialized R&D teams comprised of industrial scientists or research scholars, which perform extensive research on the given modules aimed at developing new or improving the existing products. R&D is not aimed at immediate profits, it is implemented for ling term success of the company. It involves a risk of capital, so we at Ingresos endorse startups by establishing the eco system of standard research to further push their ideas to next level.

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